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Therapy by the ocean


We have specialized training in high quality, evidence-based approaches, such as EMDR, CBT, DBT, The Gottman Method, and more. We work with a variety of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, substance use issues, relational issues, BPD, dissociation, self-esteem issues, perinatal mental health, ADHD, BFRB, OCD, trauma, PTSD and CPTSD. Our approach is always trauma-informed, with an understanding of how our life experiences affect our brain, nervous system, body and relationships.


Multiple studies show that the most important predictor of effective therapy is the relationship. We believe in ensuring you are matched with a counsellor that is going to be a good fit. We prioritize the client therapist relationship to ensure you receive high quality services. Trauma and stressful life events often disrupt our feeling of connection. We are here to make sense of the disconnect and where it all began, bridging the gap to make you feel connected again.

Counselling BC
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waves healing therapy


We are growth oriented and result focused. We believe in more than just relieving symptoms. When we experience trauma or were simply never taught skills, we are often left with confusion of how to navigate stressful life experiences. We believe in promoting growth and positive change, teaching skills, educating, and ensuring you have what is needed to live your life in alignment with who you are. We take an active and intentional approach, in that we offer strategies to work towards your goals both in and out of session. We integrate cognitive and body-based approaches to ensure you are seeing the change you have been hoping for.


We do not believe therapy is a one size fits all. We believe in looking at all aspects of your life to gain a broader understanding of what has led you to this point today. We collaboratively work with you to build an individualized care plan to fit your unique strengths, goals, challenges, and life. We are passionate about finding the deeper meaning behind the symptoms you experience, the patterns that show up in your relationships, and the way you show up in life. We are all shaped by our experiences and we can can reshape ourselves with corrective experiences. We make that possible.

Counselling Nanaimo
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Ocean Therapy Nanaimo


We are always expanding our knowledge through professional development. We are committed to learning new skills, taking new trainings, receiving regular consultation with other professionals, and staying up to date with developments in the field. While we are continuously advancing our skills, we acknowledge that we don't specialize in every type of therapy. We are ethical and honest in determining if we are a good fit for you; If we don't specialize in the issues you are looking for help with, we are happy to connect you with other counsellors that do.

We know starting therapy and finding the right counsellor can be difficult. 
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