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Mental Health Help


Therapy intensives provide a concentrated dose of therapy in a short period of time. 


  • Individuals & Partners

  • A specific concern you want to target

  • Folks who want to tackle a lot in a short amount of time

  • Folks who prefer concentrated doses of therapy over weekly sessions

  • EMDR - folks that might take a bit longer to process or want to get through more processing in a concentrated dose

  • Professionals who want to enhance performance

Mental health counselling

1. Consultation

Does therapy work

We look at what your goals are and if an intensive is the right fit to achieve them. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about intensives as well.

2. Assessment

We take a deeper look at the issues you are facing, what may be contributing to them, what you have been doing up until now, and how the intensive will work with your unique concern. We will need to have a good understanding of the issue to be able to effectively work through it. This in depth assessment will allow us to choose the best approaches and therapeutic modalities to fit your desired goals.

3. Intensive

We meet for an extended period of time to deep dive into your presenting concerns and utilize the individually selected approaches and therapeutic modalities selected in the assessment phase. Each intensive is individualized in terms of approach and time. You may be given take home items you can work on to enhance and maintain the benefits you received from the session.

4. Check In 

A brief check in appointment is scheduled for a couple weeks following the intensive to discuss progress, answer and follow up questions, and discuss further options if necessary.


It is important to know that intensives aren't for everyone. This is why we ensure a consultation and in depth assessment to ensure that this type of therapy will be best suited to meet your goals. 

Sometimes the nervous system can only tolerate so much at one time, especially when it comes to EMDR therapy. 

If we don't feel an intensive is the best option to meet your goals, we are happy to recommend what might work better, or make the appropriate referrals if your goals require a modality we don't specialize in.


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