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Accepting new clients

Currently taking a waitlist for FNHA funding clients

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Counselling & Psychotherapy Session

$140 + GST per 50 minute session. 

$208 + GST per 80 minute session. 


Relationship & Couples Counselling

$155 + GST per 50 minute session. 

$233 + GST per 80 minute session.



$140 + GST per 50 minute session.

$208 + GST per 80 minute session. 



Women's Group  -  $60 + GST per 90 minute group session. 

DBT Group           -  $210 + GST per module. Each module includes 4, 2                                          hour sessions



I am an authorized ICBC provider for counselling services. Please note that there is a top up fee of $13 for those wanting direct billing.


Those submitting for reimbursement pay the full fees upfront in accordance with the above rate and ICBC fee structure.


Benefits & FNHA 

If you have benefits, please ensure your insurance plan covers Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC). We do not direct bill for extended health.


I am registered as an FNHA provider for anyone who has or is eligible for FNHA funding. 

* Please note at this time, I am taking a waitlist for FNHA funding clients

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Cancellation Policy

We get that life happens. If you should need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, 24 hours minimum notice is required, otherwise full rates will apply.

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